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Drilling Guide

We will cover all aspects of one of the most important power tools here: a drill. We will mainly focus on cordless drills, but wired ones are equally capable of doing the job. In high-demand jobs, wired ones are far better and outperforming.

How to Drill?

Using a cordless drill for the first time great fun, and all you wish is to find something to make a hole in, but hold on. It’s far better to learn the basics before you ruin your expensive tiles or walls.

Drill Selection

Selecting the right drill is quite important. There are multiple parameters you should consider before selecting a drill. I have made a comprehensive guide for you to select the right drill.

Drilling Hacks

Drilling hacks are quite handy to do small little things which are quite difficult to do with hands. I have also discussed a few ways related to the hacks for getting your drill going.

Farooq Kamal

This is Farooq Kamal, and I have founded Top Cordless Tools in Mid 2020 to share & learn more about my passion for cordless power tools. They make our lives so much easier.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering. I build stuff and teach people as a source of my income.

The latest project I am working on is converting an old 1960s Vespa into an electric one. It’s in development at the moment, and I will keep you guys updated.