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Ryobi 18V Launches NEW Power Station with 3x AC & 6x USB Outlets

Ryobi has a new 18V One+ 1800W power station, model# RYi818B.

The Ryobi RYi818B power station is a portable, versatile power solution that operates on Ryobi 18V One+ Li-ion batteries. This power station is designed to provide power on the go, especially in situations where access to a conventional power source is limited or non-existent.

The Ryobi 1800W power station has (3) 120V AC outlets, which deliver up to 15A power. Ryobi says this is “great for powering refrigerators, TVs, fans, and other appliances.”

One of the standout features of the Ryobi RYi818B power station is its flexibility when it comes to power capacity. With the ability to accommodate up to eight 18V One+ Li-ion batteries, users can easily customize the power output to suit their needs. This also means that longer runtime is possible with more batteries, making it a practical choice for extended outdoor activities, camping trips, or emergencies.

The Ryobi RYi818B power station also features multiple USB ports, 120V AC outlets, and a 12V DC outlet, allowing users to power a wide range of devices and appliances simultaneously.

Specifications Summary

  • 1800 running Watts
  • 3000 starting Watts
  • Pure sine wave output
  • (3) 120V AC 15A outlets
  • (2) USB-A 12W
  • (2) USB-A 18W
  • (2) USB-C 45W
  • Weighs 24 lbs

The following Table summarizes the approximate run time for different devices.


Battery installedFour 6AhEight 6Ah
Decorative Lights (LED)85-100+175-195+
Wi-fi Router/modem30-50+75-90+
Decorative Lights (Incandescent)15-25+30-40+
Halogen Bulb (60W)4-8+10-15+
Large TV (50″)1-4+3-8+

Number of Charges

Cell Phone45+93+

Price: $999 for the kit (RYi818BG), $799 for the tool-only (RYi818BT)

The kit has a power station, (4) 6Ah batteries, and a charger.
Estimated Time of Availibty for Users: July 2023