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How To Easily Drill Around or Near Corners

Drilling a perfect hole in any surface is a complex job in itself, but to drill around or near corners is more challenging. According to your workpiece, you must be completely aware of using the right drill bit and drill machine.

Even if you’re well aware of using a drill machine, you still need to be more attentive when drilling around or near the corners. The process can be precise, but we quickly gather all the easy tricks and hacks to help you out.

To drill around or near corners, you have to select your drill machine and drill bits. Regular drills do not do well around corners or at tight places. You will have to use an angle drill to drill at tight places and flexible drill bits to drill around or near corners. After selecting the right drill bit of your desired size and diameter, you can gradually drill a hole using a drill machine at a slow speed. Make sure to drill a small pilot hole before adjusting it according to your required size.

Why To Drill Around Or Near Corners?

Drilling at a specific angle or near corners can be challenging compared to the normal drilling process. But while maintaining your apartment or precise workpiece, sometimes you have to drill around or near corners. You might need to wire your apartment, and for the aesthetic purpose, you want to drill around corners,

Sometimes, you have to drill near corners or in your wooden workpiece in a tight area. There’s no specific protocol that you can follow to drill around or near corners, but we compile some reliable steps to make your job easier.

Step1: Choose A Perfect Drill Machine

Drilling in tight places can be complicated. You have to drill a perfect hole in your wall or metal, wood workpiece. If you use a regular drill machine to drill around or near corners, chances are you might drill a vertical hole that could not accommodate a screw or your particular purpose of drilling.

While choosing a suitable drill machine, make sure you know the key points. The distance between a drill bit and a drill machine plays an essential role in drilling around or near corners. You can use angle or 90-degree drills. Angle drills hold two ends, one end for the drill bit and one end to chuck it into your regular drill machine.

To get started, you can get these cheap right-angle extensions, which can make your current drill into a right-angle drill.

  1. DEWALT right angle drill.

These are the best right-angle drills to get started with.

drill around or near corners

Step 2: Choose A Right Drill Bit

You have to be careful while choosing the drill bit for drilling around or near corners. There is a range of drill bits available depending on the size and diameter used to drill around or near corners. These drill bits can be placed through angle drills.

You can use these drill bits with angle drills to drill through tight places, including metal and wooden edges. The distance between the edge of the drill bit and the drill machine becomes less, so you can quickly drill a perfect hole at angle or tight places.

Check the set of short drill bits you may find useful for your project.

drill around or near corners

Step 3: Flexible Drill Bits For Corners

Ideally, a flexible drill bit is best for drilling around or near corners. You can easily find flexible drill bits for wood from the electrical department of hardware stores. These drill bits do well to drill around or near corners of drywall or plaster.

Flexible drill bits are best for drilling near corners. As these flexible drill bits can bend, the distance between the drill bit and the drilling machine could not create any bother to drill around or near corners. You can get flexible drill bits of different sizes or diameters.

You can also check some of my favorite flexible drill bit extensions, including,

  1. Flexible Drill extention.
  2. BOSCH Daredevil drill extention.
  3. DEWALT Drill bit holder extention.

Step 4: How To Use Drill Machine

Done with selecting drill bit and drill machine? The next step is to drill around or near corners using your drill machine. You usually need a small hole in the corner or at tight places. And you can not make a dimple and dent at metal surfaces.

The important thing is the speed of your drill machine. You have to be careful at selecting torque settings to stop the drill machine easily. Ideally, the best way is to start drill around, or near corners are to make a small pilot hole.

As you use angle drill or flexible drill bits, you can avoid drilling a verticle hole. Precisely put your drill bit on the exact point where you want to drill around or near the corner in your wall or on other surfaces. Slowly push the trigger of your drill machine and start to drill a hole.

Make a small hole and then gradually adjust the size and diameter according to your requirement by putting a drill bit in the small hole. You can use a drill machine in forward and reverse direction repeatedly to drill a perfect hole without having your drill bit jammed in the hole.

How To Drill A Hole Into Stud?

Want to drill a hole into a stud that is also closed to the corner? It could be a tacky process, but you can complete the drilling without any hassle by following the proper protocol. You can drill a hole into a stud if the hole is not at the exact position of cut or notch. You have to drill into a stud for hanging heavy decoration, curtain, or frame.

Sometimes people complain that they can not drill into a stud. That’s because your drill is spinning in the wrong direction. Sometimes, when a drill bit enters a wall, it hit metal plates or masonry obstructions that cause restriction in drilling.

For metal and wood studs, you can use different drill bits. Self-tapping screws or metal anchors are used for metal studs, while regular wood drill bits are used for wood studs. Make sure to drill at least one inch in the wood stud for a secure hold.

You can use a cordless or hand press drill machine for drilling purposes. For metal studs, use cobalt or titanium drill bits, while for wood studs, use regular drill bits. Make a pilot hole using a drill machine at light speed, and then drill a hole according to your need.

To learn more on how to drill into metal studs here.

Bottom Line

Drilling around or near corners can be challenging, but you can ace the job like a professional when choosing the suitable drill machine and perfect drill bits according to your need. But by following the steps mentioned above, you can drill around or near corners without any difficulty.