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MILWAUKEE® Addition to the BOLT™ System

The Milwaukee Tool USB Rechargeable BOLT™ Headlamp is built to withstand prolonged use. Its cam lock-mounted battery pack is at the rear, ensuring maximum maneuverability and security in confined areas.

The headlamp’s low profile design and BOLT™ compatibility enable the use of all-to-face accessories, providing versatile functionality.

With the USB Rechargeable BOLT™ Headlamp, users can expect exceptional lighting performance, as it offers up to 600 lumens of TRUEVIEW™ High-Definition output, providing complete coverage.

The headlamp also features four light output modes, including High, Medium, Low, and Eco, enabling users to choose the best illumination level for their needs.

The Eco mode can provide up to 32 hours of runtime, while the High mode can offer up to 4 hours. Additionally, the headlamp’s battery can be recharged using a USB-C cable, or users can switch it out with other REDLITHIUM™ USB Batteries, ensuring no downtime.

USB Rechargeable BOLT™ Headlamp 600 Lumens

Battery Type: Lithium-ion
Battery System: REDLITHIUM™ USB
Bulb Type: LED
IP54 Rated for Dust and Water
70° Vertical Rotation
Max Run Time (L4 B3): 32 hrs
4 Light Output Modes
Max Light Output Flood Mode:
    – High: 600 Lumens
    – Medium: 400 Lumens
    – Low: 150 Lumens
    – Eco: 25 Lumens
Weight with Battery Pack: 0.52 lbs (236g)