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The Best Cordless Drills 2022

Below is the list of the best drills I will recommend, and I have categorized them for their usage, cost, compactness, and strength. Click on the item in the list below to quickly view the one of your interest.

Best 2 Picks for professional use (High Torque)

Below are the top two picks I have made for professional use in the high torque category. These drills are a beast and will perform great under most of the circumstances.

Best 3 Picks for professional use (Compact Drills)

I have shortlisted three ultra-reliable drills in this category, which are a little compact, mid torque, and perfect for high-demanding DIY projects, professional use, and anyone who doesn’t want to take chances with underperforming tools.

Best 3 Picks for Home Use

I have shortlisted three drills in this category that are great for home use and are better than budget drills but not super expensive. These are high-quality professional-grade drills.

Best 3 Budget & Starter Kits

These three kits are great to get started as they are inexpensive and budget drills, but still high quality.

Best 3 Picks for Right Angle Drills

Specialty drills like right-angle drills are extremely popular for professional use as these can reach tight spaces where ordinary drill fails. We have shortlisted the best three among them.

Best 3 Professional Rotatory Hammer Drills

These are extremely powerful and reliable hammer drills used by contractors for high demanding works like drilling into hard concrete foundations, blocks, and stone. These are not your ordinary drills and you should not buy them if you are not sure why you need them.