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Which Drill Bit To Use For A 2″ Hole In A Concrete Wall?

Concrete is one of the hardest surfaces to drill into. It contains crushed rocks and cement and it hardens over time.

Although it gains most of its strength during the first 28 days, it keeps hardening if moisture is consistently provided.

You might have come across the statement; “Concrete is almost impossible to burrow into.” Well, it can be true in some cases. But in reality, it is not much of a pain to do so.

With right tools and correct methods, you can drill into concrete pretty easily. In this article, I will guide on which drill bits to use for concrete.

Which Drill Bits To Use For Concrete?

If you are planning to make holes of 2″ diameters in your concrete walls or floors, you need to use durable and suitable drill bits.

You can use standard drill bits for smaller and less wide holes. But that will cost you a great energy expenditure and you are prone to losing a number of drill bits.

Drill Bits that are designed specifically for concrete are normally called Masonry Drill Bits. These are;

  • Core Drill Bits

Core Drill Bits are either 1 or 2;

  1. Carbide Core Drill Bits
  2. Diamond Core Drill Bits

1. Core Drill Bits

When it comes to drilling into concrete, it is recommended to use core drill bits. For how rigid it is, regular drill bits can’t be used for concrete. Hence, one must always go for bits that are long lasting and highly durable.

Where many drill bits fail to work for concrete, core drill bits prove to be the best. As the name represents, these bits are used to core into concrete and hard surfaces like it.

This bit is round and hollow and the debris is collected inside. That is why, you should use water while using it. It will help you remove the remains easily and prevent your machine from overheating.

Apply adequate pressure and don’t overdo it. Core drill bits will help you make bigger holes efficiently.

I will recommend this Bosch Core

Bosch Carbide Rotary Hammer Core Drill Bit

Bosch provides best drilling tools and this core drill bit must be in your garage toolbox. That is because this bit is engineered especially for masonry work.

Bosch Core Drill Bits are the best ones to drill 2" holes into concrete.

This tool is especially manufactured for 2″ wide holes in concrete. Material is carbide which is as mentioned before, an ideal metal for concrete. Core drill bits are less time consuming and make close to perfect holes.

You can drill holes 2″ inch wide quickly by using this drill bit. Follow the link above to check the description of this item.

2. Diamond Core Drill Bits

These drill bits are the most durable and hard. Diamond, as we know, is the hardest material known. Diamond powder is used in the engineering of these bits. Thus, the strongest.

These drill bits can hollow hardened steel, glass, stone and any hard surface in existence. You only need a drill machine that has the right clutch for diamond bits.

I will suggest you to use water as a coolant and a lubricant. Watering the surface expands bits’ lifetime.

I have a good diamond concrete core drill recommendation. Use:

Ediamond Tools Granite/Concrete Core Diamond Drill Bits

EDiamond Core Diamond Drill Bits are a go-to-for DIY tool. Diamond bits being the most stable and durable, cut through any surface.

Cutting through concrete is a no biggie for this tool as long as you are using it correctly.

Watering the concrete is a smart move. By doing so, you can dislodge the debris pretty quick. Water also lubricates the bit so it is easy to move it up and down.

Besides lubricating, water lowers the temperature of the bit as well. You mustn’t use high speeds and pressures while drilling through concrete.

High speeds and pressures can be life-threatening to your diamond drill bits.

3. Carbide Drill Bits

Carbide Drill Bits are the hardest ones out there. They are also resistant to heat and don’t dull out fast.

Drilling Into concrete is initially very easy. As you go deep, crushed aggregate comes in the way. It gets very difficult for normal bits to pass through it.

More force and stronger tools are required to pass through the tiny rocks in the way. That is because ordinary drill bits will overheat and become blunt very quickly. They are also highly likely to break as you proceed to do your job.

Whereas Tungsten Carbide Drill Bits being dense and heat resistant, drill through concrete smoothly.

You might need Hammer Drills to drill into concrete. If you have a drill with the Hammer Function, you have it easy. Turn on the hammer mode and start drilling!

For your convenience, I will link you to one of the best masonry drill bit set. Which is,

DEWALT Masonry Drill Bit Set

This drill bit set is highly recommended for concrete to make 2″ deep holes. It does the job just fine and cleans out the debris too. But these drill bits are not good for drilling a large diameter hole.

To drill a circular hole, you can drill multiple holes in a circular shape to make the larger hole.

DeWalt Carbide Drill Bits are also one of the bits that allow DIY'rs and masons a chance to make more and less 2" wide holes in concrete.

While drilling Into concrete, you come across a great amount of dust and debris inside the hole and around it. Getting it out is much needed. Doing so will allow you to drill deeper and wider holes.

Cooling the bits is also necessary. Use water as a coolant and keep the hole wet. That way, friction and temperature, both will go down and your work experience will go up.

I will recommend BOSCH Carbide-Tipped Rotary Hammer Drill Bit Set as an alternative. This works for rotary drills or any that holds SDS plus bits well.

In Conclusion;

Drilling into concrete seems like a lot of work. In reality, it is not. In this article, best drill bits for concrete are given. 3-4 different drill bits online are also mentioned.